Joyful Moments: Mama Pittie, Once a Street Dog, Rejoices in Her Personal Spa Treat

Upon reaching Carter Cifelli’s residence in Raleigh, North Carolina, Poppy’s tail never ceased to wag despite her worn-out appearance. The dog was heavily pregnant, filthy, and seemed drained of energy. Cifelli described her as having a persistent cough, looking emaciated and starved, and showing signs of neglect. Realizing that the pooch needed immediate attention and affection, Cifelli wasted no time in providing the necessary care and support for Poppy.

According to Cifelli, the kind soul who fostered Poppy, the expectant mother dog was immediately friendly, despite their recent introduction. It appeared that Poppy had not had many positive experiences with humans in the past, but she was trusting and affectionate towards Cifelli. Poppy was also exhausted due to her illness and pregnancy, but she quickly settled into her new surroundings. She seemed grateful to be in a clean and secure environment. Her tail would wag, and she loved being spoken to with kind words.

Cifelli was taken aback when Poppy gave birth to puppies just two days after arriving at her house. It was a pleasant surprise for her as Poppy had a quick and smooth labor, indicating that she was an experienced mother. All her babies were healthy too. As the puppies grew a little older, Cifelli realized that Poppy needed a bath as she was very filthy due to her past life and taking care of seven puppies. However, Cifelli knew that Poppy loved personal care and attention, as seen by how she enjoyed getting her eyes cleaned when she first arrived. So, Cifelli decided to make Poppy’s bath an unforgettable experience.

According to Cifelli, Poppy was a lovely dog and an exceptional mother. It was evident that she hadn’t received even basic care, let alone pampering, before her rescue. Therefore, Cifelli decided to do something especially nice for her. That’s how Poppy’s spa day came into being!

During the spa day, Poppy enjoyed a milk bath with flower petals, which left her feeling refreshed and clean. Throughout the bath, she received plenty of encouragement and scratches, which she seemed to love. Afterward, she got to wear a soft bathrobe, which must have felt delightful on her fur. To top it off, she received a paw massage with coconut oil to soothe her dry paw pads. And, being a sophisticated lady, she was served chicken broth in a champagne glass.

According to Cifelli, Poppy was delighted with all the attention she received during her very own spa day. Her tail was wagging non-stop as she thoroughly enjoyed every moment of it. The love and care didn’t end there, as Poppy was later adopted by a loving family after raising her litter of puppies, who also found homes.

Cifelli believes in spoiling her foster dogs, especially the mama dogs who have often lived outside without proper nutrition or shelter. She feels that foster parents are the first ones to show these dogs kindness and affection. Cifelli regularly receives updates from Poppy’s puppies who are now huge and beloved members of their families, which brings her immense joy.

As a foster dog parent, I have a few traditions that I like to do with my furry friends before they leave my home to be adopted by their forever families. First, I make sure they are clean and fresh by giving them a good bath. Then, as a treat, I prepare some delicious scrambled eggs for them to enjoy.

Next, we go on a fun field trip! We take a walk, explore a nearby park, and maybe even stop for a pup cup. Seeing the excitement in their eyes and wagging tails as they realize their life is about to get better makes all the hard work and heartache of fostering and rescuing worth it.

These special moments are my way of showing appreciation for all their hard work in raising their puppies and celebrating that this will be their last litter.

Cifelli feels proud to be the very first person providing Poppy with the necessary individualized care. Since Poppy is now in her permanent residence, every day is dedicated to her, as it rightfully should be! Let’s spread awareness by sharing this article with our loved ones.

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