“From Suffering to Serenity: A Feline with a Unique Look Finds Joy in its Forever Home”

Say hello to Frankie, a unique feline known as Frankenkitten due to his rare condition of having four ears. He was found along with his sister under a house in a suburban area.

According to Georgi Anderson, the owner of Frankie, he was born under a house located in a suburban area. His mother was a wild cat, and he had one sister who survived, but there could have been more who passed away. The homeowners found them and provided shelter for several weeks to make them social and healthy before taking them to the shelter for proper medical care and to be rehomed.

Undeniably, the first thing people notice about him is his four ears, but there’s more to him than that. His overbite gives his face a sharp angle, making him even more unique. Unfortunately, he only had two eyes when he arrived at the shelter, but one had burst and had to be taken out. Frankie’s rear legs are also problematic as his knees don’t sit properly. Consequently, he has to walk with a splay-legged gait since his knees move in and out of position.

Georgi shared that her pet had an overbite causing his bottom canines to pierce the roof of his mouth. Moreover, the pet requires surgery on his knees for joint correction which is quite expensive. Additionally, the pet underwent dental treatment to reduce the height of its lower canines just a few millimeters above the gum line.

By removing his eye, his life was saved as the infection would have advanced to a fatal stage.

When Frankie showed up at the animal shelter, I happened to be working there. Since I was already a foster caregiver, they asked me if I could take him in for a week while he healed from having his eye removed. So, I agreed and welcomed Frankie into my home.

It wasn’t just his physical appearance that caught my attention, but rather his endearing personality and how he explored his surroundings while seeking comfort from me. I visited him before his treatment and was struck by his gentle nature. I sensed that he possessed something special that I couldn’t quite put into words, even after spending several hours with him during his recovery at home.

The condition of his body affects his daily routine. His small ears at the front have a slight impact on his ability to hear directionally, acting like earmuffs for his regular ears. Despite having only one eye, he has adjusted smoothly, although his night vision is not as sharp as my other cats’. Although he walks with his legs spread apart, it does not cause him any discomfort or restrict his capacity to play or jump.

The primary cause of his eating difficulty is his mouth, which happens to be the biggest physical challenge. Wet food is quite a struggle for him because he can’t hold it properly. Hence, he’s only consuming dry food and has adapted to using his tongue to pick up kibble and moving it into his mouth instead of directly taking it in.

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