“Fishing Influencer’s Fiery Response to Sexist Critic Shaming Her Outdoor Lifestyle”

A lovely anglerwoman has hit back at a critic who accused her of promoting women to ‘act like men’ due to her thick southern accent and passion for ‘manual labor.’ Hannah Barron, a 27-year-old from Alabama, often shares videos and pictures of her fishing and hunting adventures on her Instagram account, where she has amassed over 1.5 million followers. While many admire her fearless approach to the outdoors, one detractor took issue with her, claiming she isn’t ‘feminine’ enough and that her accent should be outlawed. In response, Hannah addressed the criticism in a video, stating that she doesn’t care about what others think of her and emphasizing the importance of staying true to oneself, despite facing negativity throughout her life.

Hannah Barron, 27, from Alabama , frequently shares clips and photos of herself fishing and hunting on her Instagram account, where she boasts over 1.5 million followers

Hannah Barron, a 27-year-old woman hailing from Alabama, loves to showcase her fishing and hunting adventures on her popular Instagram account. With a following of over 1.5 million, she frequently shares videos and photos from her outdoor excursions.

She has fired back at a troll who accused her of encouraging women to 'act like men' after she was slammed for her thick southern accent and her love for 'manual labor'

She responded to a critic who accused her of promoting women to behave like men, defending her thick southern accent and affinity for manual labor.

Her nature-loving attitude has landed her in murky waters with one critic, who claimed she wasn't 'feminine' enough

Her passion for nature has sparked controversy with a critic who believes she doesn’t embody enough femininity. The backlash came after she posted a video of herself helping her father construct a house, drawing negative comments on Twitter. One user went as far as suggesting that her accent should be banned and that women shouldn’t engage in physical labor, claiming American women lack femininity and are essentially men.

In response, Hannah dismissed the criticism by pointing out that she wasn’t even familiar with the person behind the comments, highlighting their lack of relevance. She humorously recounted how she was once considered the oddball in high school for her passion for hunting and fishing, activities typically associated with men. Proud of the progress made by women in the outdoor industry, she shrugged off notions of being less feminine due to her hands-on approach to work.

Hannah clapped back in a response and noted that she had heard someone online had been criticizing her

Hannah fired back with a reply, mentioning that she was aware of someone on the internet who had been criticizing her.

She noted that she pays no mind to people who think she is 'less feminine' because she is used to doing manual labor

She mentioned that she doesn’t care about those who consider her ‘less feminine’ due to her background in manual labor. “It’s all good. There’s nothing wrong with that. There are many women with blue-collar jobs who are also very feminine. I believe in embracing your uniqueness, being true to yourself, and not letting others’ opinions affect you. People have been trying to bring me down my entire life, growing up surrounded by men,” she stated in the video.

Support poured in from the online community, commending her for handling the situation with grace. A commenter mentioned, “She handled it much better than the person who criticized her. What a kind and classy lady.”

People on the web then flooded to her defense and praised her for being so 'classy'

Many people online rushed to her defense and commended her for being so graceful and elegant. One individual commented on how women who enjoy tearing down others are distasteful and not worth admiring. Bullying is never a good look, and Hannah’s response showed more poise than her critics could ever hope to achieve. Another person mentioned how Hannah displayed her femininity by avoiding conflict and not taking a strong stance on something trivial. She is simply focused on living her life and helping her father. “She’s so charming, and I already had the other woman blocked,” shared one user. Another individual described her as a Southern belle with a tomboy spirit.

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