40 Funniest Reactions Of Pets Captured By Owners After Giving Them A Surprise Forehead Kiss

Internet trends that involve pets? Sold!

It’s human nature to get involved with everyone, go to social events, have a chat with friends and family, work, and sometimes seek lots and lots of attention which if not received can result in shades and attitudes. Guess who else has the very same traits? Pets! Pets are very adorable, more so than us humans. They also like to receive lots and lots of love, attention, affection, and loyalty.

But just like us, humans, they don’t always want attention and a crowd. Sometimes, we would like self-time. Just us, maybe our phone, and chilling while listening to some good music. It’s the same with pets as well. They like to have some alone time too. They’d like to take a nap, play with their toy, or just chill in their bed and look out the window to enjoy as they slowly dose off to.

But the internet, Tiktok specifically, has decided to disrupt the alone time of its pets, but in a very peaceful and affectionate way via this new trend. In this trend, these pet owners set up a camera in front of their pets without them noticing and then unexpectedly kiss them on their foreheads and record the reactions.

This TikTok trend was started by a user known as Foopydrip. He posted his creative idea on TikTok and requested other users to do so too. Eventually, it became a big trend on social media platforms. Some of the reactions of their pets are very funny while the others are super heart-warming.

Let’s take a look at these cute animal reactions and have a good time. Scroll down below to enjoy!

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